Unapologetic business awards addicts

Sydney’s most talented copywriters, making your awards submission stand out


Writing a business awards submission is not for the faint-hearted. You need guts. Commitment. And sometimes a Rambo-style headband.

We’re kind of like your award warriors, delving deep into the jungle of your business to help you pull out the gems.

Our word wizards are marketing, communications, public relations and business specialists. Our graphic designers are award-winning creative virtuosos and branding gurus.

We know the questions to ask, the evidence to provide, and the tone of voice to really engage the judging panel.

Now clearly we can’t offer any guarantees. What we can promise is that you’ll enjoy working with the Awards Agency team, and that our experience will ensure your business is showcased in the best possible light.

We can also promise cake. Lots of cake.

Melinda Leyshon

Your principal awards addict

As well as your (far from) average licorice connoisseur, coffee lover and word wizard

I’m Mel, a Sydney-based copywriter who specialises in business awards.

I help both small and large businesses develop awards submissions that do more than just tick all of the boxes; they stand out like a tutu at a nudist colony. I also provide 1:1 sessions for businesses to develop their stories, as well as review and evaluate existing submissions that aren’t quite hitting the mark.

  • I’ve delivered winners at a Local, State and National level. I’ve delivered industry-specific award winners, customer service winners, and businessperson of the year winners.
  • I’ve delivered an incredibly deserving Telstra Women’s Business Awards finalist, as well as helping my clients achieve the gold over consecutive years.
  • I have over a 90% success rate. To date, 100% of my clients have made it to the finals.
  • I’m a judge for a number of award programs, including the international Stevie Awards.

With Awards Agency, I’ve assembled the very best copywriters across Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Adelaide – all ready to help your business shine.

We’re predominantly female, so we love a bit of bling. It’s why we’re so incredibly committed to helping you bring it home come awards night.



Brooke Allender

Chief Creative Savant

Brooke develops creative submissions that read brilliantly and look even better. Because convincing the judges isn’t just putting a whole lotta stuff on paper and hoping for the best – it’s about showcasing your brilliance in a split second. She makes sure that your message is communicated succinctly with words that resonate.

Because a cracking submission is so much more than answering a few questions.

  • It’s about truly showcasing your business, using your unique tone of voice and not hiding who you are.
  • It’s about providing evidence of your success – even about the bad days, because there’s always a learning at the end of the experience.
  • And it’s about being 100% authentic, 100% vulnerable, and 100% you.

She channels her inner Oprah alongside her creativity, developing writing that leaves people talking and judges ticking all the boxes.

And when you need a submission that leaves an impact, she’s your girl.

(Although she’s also a pretty damn good gardener who loves dogs. And tattoos. And coffee. And Pinterest. And op-shopping…)

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