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OK. You’re ready and raring to go. You just don’t know where or how to start. And you have so many burning questions!

Do I write in first person or third person?

How do I talk myself/ourselves up?

What on earth do I write?

Yes, writing about yourself and your achievements can be downright icky. But there are tricks, and we know them all.

In a single consultation we’ll answer every burning question you have, talk you through the process that copywriters use, and even brainstorm responses for an upcoming awards campaign.

We’ll make it simple – promise.

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I’m also uber-keen on the super-sexy Awards Finder Tool

We’re working on developing an awards database that lets you download a list of programs specific to your industry, interests or business goals. Register your interest and you’ll be the very first to know when it’s up and running!

In the meantime, though, drop us a line and we can export a customised list for your industry.



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