2017 Penrith Local Business Awards Workshop

Learn the tricks to developing a winning submission

Thinking of entering the 2017 Penrith Local Business Awards but not sure how to start with your submission? 

Looking to improve on a previous awards submission and make an impact?


Let’s face it – you’re absolutely lip-smackingly awesome at what you do, but awards submissions? C’mon – talking yourself up is hard enough, let alone writing it.

That’s where our annual Penrith Local Business Awards workshops help. We’ll share some simple tricks of the trade that remove the ick factor and make submission writing so much more enjoyable. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your business story and communicate it clearly and succinctly
  • Gather and use evidence
  • Present your material
  • Connect the dots for the judging panel
  • Make your business stand out, and
  • Develop a superstar application.

The Penrith Local Business Awards workshop in a nutshell

We spend the morning:

  • Going through the theory and psychology behind certain things (cross my heart that it’s not boring)
  • Working through each question and looking at the possible scenarios that may be suitable for your business, and
  • Examining the judging criteria for each question.

We spend the afternoon:

  • Bouncing ideas off one another, and
  • Developing your (totes rockstar) submission.

You’ll also receive exclusive material, including:

  • FREE evidence guide
  • FREE entry checklist
  • FREE list of descriptive terms to give your writing a kick-start.

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This local business awards workshop is for you if:

  • You don’t know where to start with your application
  • You’ve entered the Penrith Local Business Awards before but not been successful
  • You’re unsure as to the kind of information you should and shouldn’t be including
  • You’re wondering about how to best present your application
  • You put off completing your application until the last minute
  • You have absolutely no idea how to make your business stand out like the proverbial dogs b*lls.


This local business awards workshop isn’t for you if:

  • You’d rather not reminisce about your complete and utter awesomeness over the past 12 months
  • You hate having fun, or
  • You don’t like biscuits (we eat a lot).

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The fine print

Awards Agency is not involved with Precedent Productions or the Penrith Local Business Awards in any manner. We’re simply business award submission experts and judges who understand the why, how and what behind business awards. We obvs can’t guarantee a result, but we can promise an awesome day and a bucketful of brilliant awards info.

So hop to it and let’s get to work!

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