Business Awards writing that’ll completely change your perspective

(Just imagine what it does for the judges)

A well-written business award submission is more than just great grammar and spelling. It’s crackerjack marketing and savvy storytelling – with the clever weaving of facts, evidence and illustration into your story.

After all, didn’t school teach us that it’s all about show and tell?

Award submission writing

An awards submission is just answering a few questions, yeah?

Sadly, no.


A winning submission is more than just putting one word after the other. It’s about combining marketing, business analysis and storytelling together to weave a consistent, compelling case. We’ve seen the most amazing companies fail to get recognition for their awesomeness because their submissions just didn’t convince the judges.

Just like the first coffee of the day, you need to deliver the WOW factor. This is where we shine.

We’ll work with you to take as much, or as little, ownership of writing your award entry, including:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Analysing that data
  • Interviewing stakeholders
  • Storyboarding
  • Developing your response
  • Proofreading, and
  • Design (where required).

If you’d prefer to keep it in-house, we can do that too. We’ve mentored many an employee throughout the process, or you can come to one of our workshops.

We’re not gymnasts, but we’re still pretty damn flexible.


Award submission re-writing

Revitalising or repurposing existing submissions

You’ve put in the hard yards for your previous submissions. Perhaps you’ve pulled an all-nighter after the boss asked you to whip something up at the last minute? Or you’ve done the very best job possible, but couldn’t find that elusive X factor.

We can repurpose existing content from a previous business awards submission, or even work from internal project or business documentation. We’ll apply flair, creativity and strategy to develop the most stupefyingly awesome response for your organisation possible.


Awards submission storyboarding

Creating you a step-by-step writing plan


We creatives love a bit of sexy storyboarding.

If you’re keen to write your submission but not sure where or how to start, our storyboarding session will give you:

  • A high-level analysis of what the judges are looking for
  • A step-by-step plan for your content on a question-by-question basis
  • A submission structure
  • Advice on the types of evidence that would be useful for each story.

We can even do a review after your first draft to provide feedback and further direction.

PS We can’t promise sexy every time, but we try. 😉

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