Nail your business awards presentation

When you’re through to round two, make an impression


Every business awards program is different.

Some are done purely by secret shopping and client interviews, while others are done via submissions.

Approximately 25% of programs have a second stage that involves a face-to-face panel interview, and even these vary. Some interviews are like a job interview (erggh), others require you to make a formal presentation (double erggh).

Don’t worry. We’re here to help remove the erggh.


Business award presentation planning

There’s more to a stage two interview than meets the eye.

While select business awards programs, such as the Telstra Business Awards, provide media and presentation training to finalists, the vast majority don’t. You’re left on your own to quake in your boots.

Let Awards Agency reduce the terror and help improve your performance. We can:

  • Do competitor research
  • Implement award-friendly customer surveys that give you in-depth report material and measurable evidence for the panel
  • Develop a smashing script
  • Design and develop captivating Powerpoint presentations, and
  • Run you through a custom Q&A session.

So when stage two rolls around, there’s no reason why you can’t be prepared, polished and absolutely PUMPED! And so damn awesome they can’t ignore you.

Let’s talk.

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