Business awards … champagne, bling and high-fives all round


The only challenge is getting there


Or is it? Not with Awards Agency.

Remove the stress while producing an awards submission that absolutely nails it

We know you’re busy running your business, and although you could do with the kudos that an award brings, there’s no way you could fit it in.

And even if you could, where would you start?


That’s where we can help

We’re a bunch of super-cool business awards writers who have a smashing success rate and understand the intricacies of award writing.

Actually, let’s be honest. We really aren’t all that cool, but we do know our stuff.


The Evidence speaks for itself!

Melanie Hilton

COO Macquarie Business Banking, Macquarie Bank

Belinda Szalinski

Director, F45 Training Bentleigh

Kellie Tickner

Partner, Coreen Avenue Vets

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