Ethics in business awards writing

How we work in Awards Agency land

Yes, we’re a fun bunch, but we take our role very seriously. Our values and principles underpin our code of ethics, which we abide by every day.

We’re painfully honest

It’s true – we’re honest in all of our dealings. Where we have a general idea, we’re even honest about your chances of hitting the finals.

As a client, everything is confidential. We’re here to do your business justice, so your submission will be a reflection of your business. This means it contains the right evidence – we will never exaggerate or invent facts, figures or achievements to show you off.

As an awards organiser, we promise that we’ll never manipulate facts or information, and never deliberately deceive by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths or selective omissions. We’re very much about transparency and using the very best practices to make our submissions shine.


We have integrity and are proud of our work

We’ll always deliver to the very best of our ability, never sacrificing quality for expediency.


We’re trustworthy

Writing a great award submission means that you’re vulnerable, letting us pry into the deep dark corners of your business. We don’t take this privilege for granted, so your confidentiality is guaranteed to remain within the Awards Agency team.

In the same manner, we’re discrete with our social media when our clients win. Unless you give us the go-ahead, we’re most happy to hover in the background and let you take all the credit (while we drink copious amounts of champagne in celebration).


We’re totes loyal to our tribe

Yes, we do write multiple submissions for the same awards programs. But (and it’s a big but here), they’re in different categories (and sometimes even by different writers). We’ll never ever develop a submission for two clients directly competing for the same award.

However, our workshops are open to all organisations. Often have competing organisations attend and they love it!


We’re not as fair as Sleeping Beauty, but we’re fair

Unlike the evil witch Maleficent, we never try to gain an advantage, by any means. We’re fair and just in everything we do, say and write. Promise.


We respect your business, your time, and your investment

We have the utmost respect for your business, your time and your investment. So we ensure we’re prepared, thorough, and manage time effectively.

We’re respectful and courteous, valuing autonomy, privacy, rights, and the interests of all those who have a stake in our work.


We’re law-abiding (bo-ring)

Yes, we’re scaredy-cats. It’s kind of a good thing, really. With such a bunch of do-gooders working on your submission you can rest assured that it will abide by all entry rules.


We’re committed to delivering awesomeness

You’re paying for a service. So we believe in being well-informed and prepared, and work constantly to keep our business smarts up-to-date. You’re assured that we can unpack and analyse your organisation, pull out the hidden gems we need for your specific criteria, and develop a response that whips those judges into a frenzy.


We’re accountable for our industry leadership

A few people have spoken to us about this, and we really do take the responsibility of being leaders in our field very seriously. The material we write and publish, and the advice we provide, is always based on our submission and judging experience. We’re conscious that copywriters, clients and fans follow our recommendations, and so everything we say, do and publish is genuine, legitimate information, and we hold ourselves accountable to that.


We have good months and not-so-good months

Our win rate goes up and down like the proverbial yo-yo. But the one thing we promise is that we’re honest about it. And we don’t encourage clients to enter any old awards program just because it may be easier for them to win. We’re all about adding brand value and currency, so we’ll tackle the hard ones.


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