Business Awards Workshops

The secrets to a smashing awards submission don’t have to be all that secret

We’re big believers in sharing the love. So big, in fact, that we hold workshops, webinars and training to guide clients through the essentials of developing a business awards submission.

From the basics of preparing a smashing awards submission through to workshops developing a response to a specific awards program, we can help.

We also love free coffee and biscuits, so we’re always happy to deliver in-house corporate training for individuals or teams.

And although we’re based in Sydney, we’re totes happy to travelĀ to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and yes, even sunny Queensland!

In-house corporate workshops

We have a lot of corporate clients purely because resources are scarce and it’s more time and cost-efficient to leave it to the experts.

We do, however, deliver a lot of in-house training for those organisations looking to upskillĀ their team and develop their submissions in-house. Benefit from:

  • Off-the-shelf training workshops on the basics of submission planning and development
  • Small team reviews where we work with your writers to review existing submissions and identify areas for improvement
  • Development and delivery of custom business awards training designed specifically for your needs.

Let us know what you’re after, and we’ll let you know how we can make it happen.

Awards workshops for small business

Awards are PR gold for small business. Not only are they low cost (many are absolutely free), but they provide a great opportunity to review your business – to look at where you’ve come from, what you’ve achieved and where you’re going.

And if you win, the marketing opportunities are endless.

But we also recognise that some small businesses can’t afford a specialist business awards copywriting service like Awards Agency. For this reason, as well as demand (ethically, we will only develop one entry per category per awards system), we hold annual business awards workshops. These workshops are developed specifically to support clients through the Australian Small Business Awards and the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, but let us know if there is an awards program near you where you think a workshop would help.



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